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MOST RECENT » Posted by Christopher Priebe on February 17th, 2014

Last night my 5 year old sons came up to me with their Spiderman bats in hand asking me to play baseball with them in our backyard. “Daddy, baseball’s my favorite! Is it your favorite too?”, Canan asked despite the fact he never plays nor watches baseball. “I like it”, I replied. “Especially when I get to play with you and Jonas!”

I shut my laptop, went out back, and threw the ball to them a few times while they swung erratically. It took a lot of coaching and a lot of attempts, but they started making contact with the ball. This was a pretty impressive feat considering who was coaching them and the fact that it was getting more and more difficult to see the ball. Jonas got a hold of the ball one of those times and sent it flying through the yard. By this time it was too dark to see and we couldn’t find it. Canan had a solution though. “God”, he shouted loudly, “can you please bring the sun back?! We need to see the ball!”

I started to laugh to myself, but immediately was hushed by some internal prompting. A couple thoughts rushed through my head:

Pray. Give. Joplin.

Here is an update from our fellow Acts 29 church; A Church Called Mystery about the relief efforts in Joplin:

Francis Chan: "Hell, We Can't Afford To Get It Wrong"

Jesus Is The True And Better

Identities: Family

John talks about how Church of the Cross has quickly become family:

Identities: Family

Brent talks about how Church of the Cross came around him as family in a time of need:

Soma Communities and Living In Gospel-Centered Community On Mission

Our friends at the Verge Network recently created this video profile of our family from Soma Comm

Identities: Missionaries

Jared and Michelle discuss their journey of learning to live as missionaries in everyday life:

Three Ways To Live

We’ve been talking a lot lately with our Church of the Cross family about the Gospel. You might think that the Gospel is primarily the “beginning” of salvation, how we get saved. But, the Gospel is really about all of life.

Deep and Wide

Do you remember the song “Deep and Wide?”

Deep and wide

Deep and wide

There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide

Yes, Sometimes It Is Awkward, But No, We Don't "Go To Church"

This evening we’re having a Fourth of July Hullabaloo.

The Balance of Gathered AND Scattered

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about some of the implications of our last post in which I suggested that, if we

Directional Alignment in Church Planting

Though we are still a very young church, we’ve gone far enough in the journey to have some hindsight. Looking back at how we planted Church of the Cross, I think I would have done it differently.